March Edition
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The Wood Innovation Group

Welcome to the TWIG Monthly Newsletter, a dedicated space crafted to inspire and guide professionals like you to gather, connect, and share knowledge. Our curated events bridge the realms of tradition and innovation, creating a space for sharing knowledge exchange, propelling the value-added wood sector forward. Join us at our events to make new connections, learn new things and share a story or two. Collectively we can grow and influence the future of value added wood together 🌲

At TWIG, we recognize the potent force within our community. Your voice holds significance, and we are eager to showcase you and support your events. If you have content to share, send it our way at


March 6, 6:00 - 8:00
33 Acres Brewing Experiment, 25 w 8th ave, Vancouver

The Vancouver group meets as per usual, exploring local craft breweries in the city More Info+

Sea 2 Sky Wood Network

March 6, 6:00 - 8:00
Royal Canadian Legion Branch 277, 40194 Glenalder Pl, Garibaldi Highlands

The TWIG network in Squamish continues with a gathering at a local establishment. More Info+
**All of the up-to-date TWIG events can be found online at


Greetings TWIG Community,

Last month was an active month, with great attendance at our three events spread across Vancouver and Squamish along with all the events surrounding Buildex. Thanks to those who came out, jumped on our mailing list and join our local WhatsApp groups.

We had our first shop tour for the Sea 2 Sky Wood Network at TAG Panels, our second edition of Timber Tech connect at Concept Lab, featuring a presentation by Dr. Haibo Feng from UBC, the DFMA workshop at UBC and our regular edition of Wood-First-Wednesdays in Vancouver.

We have a bit of a slow month for events here in March, but some exciting things planned for early spring and summer. We've been getting feedback and there is a big enthusiasm for shop tours and site visits so we are working to try to coordinate more of these for you.

Let us know if there's a project you would like us to visit or if your a facility that wants to open their doors to host a TWIG event! We can work with you on planning the event, giving exposure to what your doing and a platform to speak about your work.

UBC Workshops + Events

Kiln Drying Seminar

May 27 - 31st - 9:00 to 5:00

Essentials of Wood Drying

A 5-day comprehensive, hands-on introduction to drying technology taught from a practical, real-life perspective and backed with solid explanations into the scientific background of drying.
This highly-regarded workshop discusses the key processes and concepts involved in drying wood. Beginning with wood properties and moisture movement, students become familiar with kiln design considerations, drying schedules and kiln loading considerations. Other topics include drying with air, drying degrade, lumber storage and handling, control systems and power plants.

Visit the link to download the course PDF and to register for the workshop.


Register +

Job Postings

An image of...
Explore the world of wood craftsmanship with Rangate Woodworking Solutions. Rangate specializes in delivering wood process equipment, supplies, and consulting services to the joinery and prefab construction industries.

  • Project Manager
  • Design Engineer - Mechanical
About Rangate
Rangate North Woodworking Solutions Inc. has established its presence in the solid-wood processing marketplace by adhering to a core motto of Knowledge, Products, Connect. The company's success is evident in its emphasis on teamwork, a customer-centric approach, the delivery of uncompromising products, flexible business processes, and robust financial acumen. As Rangate expands its organization, it aims to build stronger brands and undertake new projects, introducing added responsibilities, programs, and opportunities. The company remains dedicated to maintaining capability and quality as foundational principles in its product and project deliverables.

More Info+

TWIG Futures

Come join us in our exciting mission to make TWIG an integral contributor to Innovation in BC's Wood Products Industry!

We continue our work with British Columbia Organizational Design Network (BCODN). TWIG is participating in the Building Community Organization mentorship program, an initiative nurturing the growth of BC community organizations.

Our next step in this process is to look at our offerings at TWIG and evaluate their purpose within our organization, while looking ahead to the future to see what we might develop to advance our mission. With a shift to a not-for-profit organization TWIG can expand upon what we are doing and focused on filling crucial gaps in the industry.

We extend a warm invitation for you to join our continuous conversation, reaching out to individuals passionate about organizational development. Whether you bring expertise in board governance, organizational leadership, or offer vital services beneficial to Non-Profits, your time and energy are pivotal during this crucial evolutionary phase in TWIG's progress and the future of the Value-added wood products industry.

If this resonates with you and you are passionate about our mission, we would love to hear from you. Please reach out and connect with us at, and we can schedule a call to explore your interests and time commitments.

Got an idea?

Do you have a concept, product, or prototype that you want to realize? TWIG can work with you to make this happen with financial support through The Wood First Program. Carried out through the Center for Advanced Wood Processing (CAWP) and its team of technical staff, we are able to provide an array of support on various wood-based projects.
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