July 2024 Edition
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The Wood Innovation Group

Welcome to the TWIG Newsletter! We're working to help shape the future of the value-added wood products industry. Our events and programming provide a dynamic platform for professionals to connect, learn, and share innovative ideas. Our newsletter is dedicated to those interested in using creativity and design to transform wood into finished products while blending tradition with cutting-edge technology.

Your voice matters. If you have events, projects, or ideas to share, reach out to us at info@twigbca.ca


July 10, 6:00 - 8:00
Brewhall, 97 E 2nd Ave, Vancouver
Free | By Donation

The Vancouver group meets as usual, exploring local craft breweries in the city More Info+
**All of the up-to-date TWIG events can be found online at twigbc.ca/events/


A Summer Reflection from TWIG,

Happy summer! We wish you all the best on your adventures, getaways, and time off over the next couple of months. We hope you take the time to walk through a forest and appreciate the amazing ecosystems we are privileged to live around in BC.

Over the years, I have invested time in learning more about the relationship between a tree and its wood. The conditions in a tree's environment impact how that tree grows and, in turn, affect the wood inside. For example, the dense, slow-grown wood of an old-growth Douglas fir has different characteristics compared to a hemlock grown in a densely packed forest. Being hands-on with wood, I'm always curious about how the different marks, embellishments, figuring, grain patterns, and knots are formed. When I look at a plank of wood, I often picture where in the tree that piece of wood might have come from and when walking through the forest I like to try and imagine the wood behind the bark. This ongoing conversation between the inside and the outside of a tree is essential for all of us working in wood industries. Knowing the source of your material, the forest it comes from, and the specific tree species is crucial for anyone working with wood, as it creates a deeper connection between the forest and our projects.

We can always learn more, and this summer, I encourage you to use the power of observation and let your eyes be your teacher. Spend time investigating a rotting log and inspecting a freshly cut stump to see its years of abundance and scarcity marked by its growth rings. Scan the perimeter of a tree while looking up to notice the branches reaching towards the sunlight. Observe how each part of a tree tells a story, and how those stories create the character of the wood we love so much. A tree has one goal in life: to reach for the sunlight. Every move it makes is towards the sky, photosynthesizing its way through life. The result is wood, which supports a tree as it grows and expands to live out its life purpose. Wood helps a tree reach its goals, just as it helps many of us achieve ours.

Let's take time to appreciate the little things in life that, together, make a big difference.

With forest-felt regards,
Patrick Christie and The TWIG team


Crafting Innovation: UBC CAWP and Magee Secondary School’s Design Challenge

At TWIG we have an interest in what the future of the industry looks like. It's as much about the future of our forests, as it is the future of our workforce. The individuals who make their way into the industry over the years ahead will help to shape what this future looks like. Technologies have always driven change within manufacturing industries, and in more recent years we have seen the growth in software-driven and CNC approaches. These new technologies require new skills and a new workforce that has leadership and proficiency in the technologies that enable companies to stay competitive and maintain quality.

The Centre for Advanced Wood Processing (CAWP) partnered with Magee Secondary School’s Design + Fabrication Program to challenge students with a unique project: creating a functional chair from a single sheet of furniture-grade plywood using a 3-axis CNC machine. This collaboration not only highlighted modern fabrication techniques but also provided an invaluable learning experience. Students learned the basics of CNC machining, including software and hardware aspects, design parameters, and the importance of material optimization, structural integrity, and aesthetics. Under the guidance of UBC CAWP’s technical staff, students transitioned from brainstorming and sketching ideas to creating digital models in SketchUp, receiving feedback, and refining their designs.

Three classes participated, each producing five unique chair designs, with one from each class selected for fabrication. The CAD drawings were converted into CAM files compatible with the CNC machine, allowing students to observe the machining process and see their digital designs come to life. The final products showcased the students' creativity, determination, and skills, emphasizing the Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) process. This project sparked a deeper interest in design, engineering, and technology for many students and demonstrated the importance of practical, hands-on experiences in education. The partnership between UBC CAWP and Magee Secondary School exemplifies how educational collaborations can enhance learning and foster innovation, preparing students for future careers.

Stay tuned for more updates on innovative educational projects and collaborations. For further information about UBC CAWP and its programs, visit the UBC CAWP website.

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IDS Vancouver w/ BC Wood

Showcase your work at IDS Vancouver 2024

Are you ready to put your work in front of people?
Have you been working on a new line pf products that you want to showcase to an audience?
Do you want to showcase your work alongside other BC-based wood companies?

IDS 2024 could be for you! We are putting a call out there to our community to see if anyone is interested in showcasing at the event year. There is a unique opportunity to jump in with the BC Wood booth and participate alongside other BC-based companies. IDS Vancouver attracts 38,000 visitors each year, from interior designers to homeowners, and design enthusiasts to specifiers. Its a great opportunity for you to get your work in front of people, talk about what you do and get potential clients. There are special rates available through this oopportunity, that include corner spaces (10x10) and half booths (5x10).

If your interested in this, please reach out to to us at info@twigbc.ca and we can help make it happen!

TWIG Futures

Join us in our exciting mission to build a BC-wide network of Wood Professionals, through localized events and programs.

As always we extend a warm invitation for you to join our organizational team. Whether you bring expertise in board governance, and organizational leadership, or offer services beneficial to Non-Profits, your time and energy would be invaluable to TWIG's progress and the future of the Value-added wood products industry.

If this resonates with you and you are passionate about our mission, we would love to hear from you. Please reach out and connect with us at info@twigbc.ca, and we can schedule a call to explore what might be possible.

Got an idea?

Do you have a concept, product, or prototype that you want to realize? TWIG can work with you to make this happen with financial support through The Wood First Program. Carried out through the Center for Advanced Wood Processing (CAWP) and its team of technical staff, we are able to provide an array of support on various wood-based projects.