September 2023 Edition
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The Wood Innovation Group

Welcome to our monthly newsletter! Here, you'll discover exciting wood industry events, and events connecting you with fellow enthusiasts, giving you the opportunity to share and receive knowledge. Our events are carefully designed to bridge the worlds of craftsmanship and technology. We aim to uncover new opportunities, delve into the origins of our industry, and drive forward the value-added wood sector. Join us as we connect, learn, and grow together on this journey.

We are always open to supporting and posting content from our community, so if you have anything to share then send it our way to

Upcoming Events


September 6th, 6:00 - 8:30
Superflux - 505 Clark Drive

Jumping between the breweries around Main Street and East Van, we meet on the first Wednesday of each month for a mid-week social and networking event. Meet others who work across the various wood-related industries in BC, and connect with friends and colleagues after work. More Info+

Vancouver Island Wood Network


September 6, 6:00 - 8:30
Phillips Brewing, 2010 Government Street, Victoria

The Vancouver Island group is kicking things off with a Wood First Wednesday event in Victoria.

Shape @ IDS Vancouver

September 22-24th
Vancouver Convention Centre.

Visit the TWIG at the Shape booth @ IDS Vancouver to see what our participants have been creating over the last half year.

Welcome back!

Greetings TWIG community, and welcome back. Our team took our usual summer months away from event organizing given the busyness of the summer months, but we are gearing up for a new season as we transition from summer to fall. This season we are focused on building on our core events such as Wood-First-Wednesday, Seed Night, while creating another series of monthly events in partnership with Fast+Epp at their Concept Lab. We are working on establishing roots and building a network on Vancouver Island to bring their existing community together on a monthly basis.

Our goals for this year include creating a recurring schedule of events so you can plan ahead, expand our community through our mailing list, and establish more partnerships within industry and local firms. We came across a small glitch in our mailing list signup process which we have now fixed, so please mentioned TWIG to your colleagues and friends so they can stay in touch by signing up for the newsletter.

If you have been getting this newsletter, but never attended one of our events, then now is the time! We are always keen to support other events, programs and activities taking place in BC, so please reach out to us and we can get it on the next newsletter. reflection
As we reflect back on the last year on our events and the many conversations that have taken place we are honing in on the essence of what brings people to our events and what the impact is on the industry. The people attending our events come from a broad range of sectors, most of which are looking to expand their network and make new contacts. Others join because they enjoy the ongoing conversations and relationships that take place at our events. Below we have highlighted a few points that we think are essential, and form the foundation of our purpose.
  1. Networking: Connect with like-minded professionals across sectors, fostering collaborations, partnerships, and hiring opportunities. Expand your network and access a diverse pool of expertise.
  2. Knowledge Sharing: Exchange industry insights and experience to advance together. Leverage the wisdom of seasoned professionals to accelerate your growth and contribute to the next generation's success.
  3. Problem Solving: Share project challenges for diverse input, gaining new perspectives and potential solutions. Navigate obstacles with collective expertise, finding pathways forward for your endeavors.
  4. Industry Facts: Stay current with firsthand information on evolving industry trends, materials, codes, and technologies. Make informed decisions and future-proof your strategies.
  5. Inspiration: Immerse in our community's stories and achievements, leaving each event energized and motivated. Gain fresh perspectives that spark creativity and rejuvenate your approach.
  6. Belonging: Embrace a wood-centric community where your passion finds its home. Engage in in-depth discussions, exploring your interests and connecting with fellow enthusiasts.

UBC Workshops

Online Micro-Certificate: Fire Safety for Timber Buildings

The Fire Safety for Timber Buildings Micro-Certificate, offered by the Faculty of Forestry, is an 8-week online program aimed at enhancing the expertise of professionals involved in timber construction. Architects, engineers, fire services personnel, and others can benefit from this course, which delves into fire safety concerns related to tall timber buildings. It seeks to foster a comprehensive grasp of fire safety regulations, enabling stakeholders to navigate constraints and possibilities inherent in such projects.

With mass-engineered timber emerging as a notable alternative to traditional materials, fire safety is a pivotal focus for those engaged in tall timber constructions. This micro-certificate equips participants with the tools to comprehend fire safety regulations and communicate effectively within this technical domain. The program emphasizes the evolution of fire safety norms, linking them explicitly to urban timber construction. It covers foundational principles, testing methodologies, theoretical underpinnings of fire science, and the utilization of codified guidance.

Designed for professionals contributing to timber building design and wood product development, the program addresses the needs of both public and private sectors. Architects, structural engineers, forest industry specialists, government officials, and insurance professionals can all benefit. By fostering competency in fire safety engineering, this program nurtures individuals who can proficiently contribute to discussions on fire safety in the growing sustainable timber-built environment.

The program starts October 2nd, and runs for 8 weeks with a 7-8 hour per week time commitment.

For more information and to register click the link below

Kiln Drying Seminar

November 20 - 24, 8:00am - 5:00pm

Essentials of Wood Drying

A 5 day comprehensive, hands-on introduction to drying technology taught from a practical, real-life perspective and backed with solid explanations into the scientific background of drying.
This highly-regarded workshop discusses the key processes and concepts involved in drying wood. Beginning with wood properties and moisture movement, students become familiar with kiln design considerations, drying schedules and kiln loading considerations. Other topics include drying with air, drying degrade, lumber storage and handling, control systems and power plants.

Visit the link to download the course PDF and to register for the workshop.


Online Industrial Wood Finishing Certificate Course

The UBC Certificate in Industrial Wood Finishing is designed to provide professional learners from the woodworking industry with a broad understanding of the field of wood finishing. The program involves a comprehensive review of the various dimensions of wood finishing, including wood properties, colour theory, the physical and chemical processes associated with the applications of stains and coatings, application methods; pre-treatments; coatings; application and curing equipment and automation; safety; environmental considerations; quality control and testing methods; and costs/economics. Throughout the course, workplace examples and case studies are referenced as much as possible, to provide real-world context to the discussions.

We understand that it can be difficult for technical staff and managers to take time away from a production environment to attend training. For this reason, the program is structured in two distinct parts;
  • Part 1: learn all of the theory online through our e-learning website. Requires approximately one hour per day for 12 weeks. Study at home or at work, whatever fits your schedule. Get ongoing phone and email support from an online tutor, and interact with other trainees via online discussions
  • Part 2: come to a 6-day practical session, normally in Vancouver or at an alternate facility (depending on where most participants are located). Includes hands-on practice, demonstrations from industry experts, plant tours
Program begins January 8th 2024. More details on schedule can be found in the link.

Shape Program

Shape @ IDS Vancouver

September 22-24th @ the Vancouver Convention Centre.
The Shape participants have been hard at work over the last half year, developing ideas to showcase at the conclusion of the program at IDS Vancouver. In its pilot year, the Shape program supports participants in a journey, from raw material to finished object. TWIG created this program to fill a crucial gap in the wood products industry and the local design markets similar to a technology incubator or accelerator program for wood products. Shape is a cohort-style program and the individuals in the group come from a variety of backgrounds that relate to wood. In this program, participants are challenged to develop an idea that embodies their approach to design, material considerations and regional influences. The program is concluding with a presentation of work at IDS Vancouver that showcases each individual, aimed to ignite a conversation around design, forestry and the value of art and creativity. The individuals in this program collectively seek to expand on the products and services they offer, by developing new products that incorporate regional woods.
Shape Participants
A-Frame micro cabin by Folk made from wood sourced from the Cortes Island Community Forest.

Vancouver Island Wood Network

After a series of events to test the waters on Vancouver Island, we have decided to go forth with deepening TWIG roots in another region of BC, with the support of Marc deMontigny of Toolpath Design and others who have expressed interest in monthly networking events. Just like TWIG did in Vancouver when it started its first meetup group 10 years ago, we hope to see the Victoria chapter grow and evolve into a network that serves its community of wood based business and practitioners.

After reviewing the events from the spring and summer it's clear there's a shared desire amongst participants to meet others and develop a local hub along with the points below that summarize a few key takeaways.
  • Authentic, casual and industry specific networking
  • A place for students and those starting out to meet professionals
  • Learning about what others are doing, and getting on peoples radar for future project
  • Coordinating future events, tours and meetups on island.
We need your help to expand this network, so if you, your firm or representatives are on the island then please let them know about this group!

The next event takes place on September 6 from 6:00 - 8:30 @ Phillips Brewing located at 2010 Government Street, Victoria

Job Postings

We can help you to promote open positions, contracts and other jobs that you are seeking to fill. Just reach out to us at with the details and we can add it to our monthly newsletter.

TWIG Futures

We have the goal of transforming TWIG into an independent non-profit organization so we can continue to expand and support people and communities across BC. In our current structure, we are supported via Centre For Advanced Wood processing and the Wood First Program from Forestry Innovation Investment. This move to an independent organization would allow us to pursue and invest in new activities based on the gaps and needs we have observed within our industry.
We are actively seeking people to work with us at TWIG to help us coordinate and plan events, develop partnerships and expand the reach of our network within BC. Depending on your capacity and what you have to offer, we have some opportunities that might interest you within the structure we are developing

Advisors - TWIG welcomes industry insiders with valuable expertise and resources to actively guide and amplify the organization's effectiveness. Advisors, drawn from relevant sectors, provide insightful direction, foster connections, facilitate introductions, and bolster partnership initiatives, ensuring TWIG's advancement aligns seamlessly with industry needs.

Organizers - These individuals are the driving force behind TWIG's event and program organization, executing tasks aligned with their roles. Organizers play a pivotal role in ensuring seamless event execution, focusing on recurring and consistent events within TWIG. Their responsibility extends to catering to event requirements and ensuring active participation and attendance.

If any of this speaks to you and your are passionate about our mission we would love to hear from you. Please reach out and get in touch at and we can schedule a call to explore your interest and time commitments.

Got an idea?

Do you have a concept, product, or prototype that you want to realize? TWIG can work with you to make this happen with financial support through The Wood First Program. Carried out through the Center for Advanced Wood Processing (CAWP) and its team of technical staff, we are able to provide an array of support on various wood-based projects. We already have some projects underway from this past year that will be ready to present in 2022.
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