November Edition
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The Wood Innovation Group

Welcome to our monthly newsletter! Here, you'll discover exciting wood industry events, and events connecting you with fellow enthusiasts, giving you the opportunity to share and receive knowledge. Our events are carefully designed to bridge the worlds of craftsmanship and technology. We aim to uncover new opportunities, delve into the origins of our industry, and drive forward the value-added wood sector. Join us as we connect, learn, and grow together on this journey.

We are always open to supporting and posting content from our community, so if you have anything to share then send it our way to


November 1st, 6:00 - 8:30
R&B Ale & Pizza House - 1-54 E 4th Ave

Jumping between the breweries around Main Street and East Van, we meet on the first Wednesday of each month for a mid-week social and networking event. Meet others who work across the various wood-related industries in BC, and connect with friends and colleagues after work. More Info+

Vancouver Island Wood Network

November 1st, 6:00 - 8:30
WorkShop - 895 Wharf Street, Victoria BC

The Vancouver Island group continues with another WFW style event in Victoria.

CAWP Open House

November 23, 5:00 - 9:00
2424 Main Mall | Suite 2900

The UBC Centre for Advanced Wood Processing (CAWP) is hosting an Open House and Industry Night event for interested individuals to learn more about the education, training, research, and industry assistance programs that take place at the facility.



Hello TWIG community

It's been an exciting fall so far with some great attendance at our TWIG events, with new faces showing up and familiar faces coming back. We are very grateful for the people who choose to make our events a regular monthly activity and for the guests they bring to introduce them to our network. For those who do not know me (the person behind the words in these newsletters), my name is Patrick Christie, and I have been participating in TWIG since the first event 10 years ago when the group was called "Outside The Box Meetup". The group over the years has had a significant impact on my life and career in wood as I have met mentors, industry partners and collaborators that have allowed my to pursue my aspirations in wood and tackle some challenging projects. My organizational work with TWIG has become a core focus of my work as I seek to grow the network into something that can support innovators across the province who are seeking to do more with BC wood. This month marks a milestone for me as I have taken a leave from Vancouver where I have lived for 16 years and relocated to Montreal for a year long sabbatical to pursue some personal projects and opportunities. I will be organizing TWIG from afar and working on the next chapter of growth for TWIG as we work towards establishing ourselves as an official Non-Profit organization.

TWIG has been accepted to participate in a program program with the BCODN, aimed at fostering the growth of BC community organizations. The Building Community Organization (BCO) is a mentorship program of the BCODN focused on the growth of BC-based non-profit organizations through the mentorship of emerging practitioners of Organization Development by seasoned practitioners. Our organizational team at TWIG will be working with a group of consultants mentored by experienced senior consultant for 3-4 months to help us build the foundations we need to move into our next chapter. We are looking to attract other people from our network who want to get involved in this process, so please see the last post in this newsletter for more information.

With this shift, new organizers are stepping in to continue the work, including Tania Pilon - an architect working with LWPAC and Intelligent City who will be taking over the Wood-First-Wednesday event series in Vancouver. Please welcome her and say hi to her at the next WFW event.

Value Added Accelerators

With all this underway, a new program has emerged called the The Value-Added Accelerators led in partnership by the BC Value Added Wood Coalition (BCVAWC), Council of Forest Industries (COFI), the First Nations Forestry Council (FNFC), BC Timber Sales and the Ministry of Forests. This program signals a crucial shift for BC as we must shift our industry towards a higher value focus. The purpose of the Value-added Accelerators (VAA) is to develop a suite of solutions to grow value-added manufacturing in BC, as a critical element of an integrated, competitive forest industry.

The objectives of the Value-added Accelerators are to:
  • Build trust and positive working relationships among the parties and increase business-to-business partnerships between primary and secondary wood manufacturers for long-term, mutual benefit
  • Gather current data on the value-added sector, including current fibre usage, fibre requirements, and other pertinent data, to enable the development of quantifiable measurables related to growth of value-added manufacturing
  • Propose durable and sustainable actions, programs and policy solutions to increase the flow of fibre (logs and lumber) to value-added manufacturers
  • Increase First Nations participation and partnerships in the value-added sector
The first webinars took place this last week, but there's still opportunity for you to get involved. You can share your thoughts and feedback in the survey posted on the website.

Timber Tech Connect

Timber Innovation Series

We hosted the inaugural event of the timber innovation series called Timber Tech Connect, in partnership with Fast + Epp's Concept Lab and UBC CAWP. Our first event had an incredible turnout, and we greatly appreciated the conversations that emerged at our round table discussion. One of the tools that was shared at the event by Eric Wood from Morrison Hershfield is called the Mass Timber Navigator which contains a comprehensive overview of energy performance, utility and construction costs, and level of code compliance (based on the BC Energy Step Code) for eight different mass timber archetypes, situated in four regions in BC.

Our purpose with these events is to establish a consistent series that brings together experts from various fields. As the mass timber industry continues to grow, our mission is to support individuals and firms throughout the innovation process, equipping them with the knowledge needed to excel in wood-based construction. Additionally, our goal is to inspire you by showcasing case-study timber projects from local firms and manufacturers based right here in British Columbia.

We are moving forward with a schedule of events that occur every two months starting in January 2024, with events scheduled for March, May, July, September and November. Some of the potential topics that emerged from the event that we will seek to include in our programming are:
  • The costs and benefits of Mass Timber as we move towards more energy-efficient structures.
  • The mistakes, do-nots, and horror stories from the field and the experts who saved projects.
  • Stories from Sweden + the UBC building tour - Where the mass timber industry is overseas and where we are headed.
  • Mass Timber and Fire Safety - How wood structures stand and resist the spread of fire.
  • Tools, technology and hardware driving the future of Mass Timber Construction.
If you want to be a speaker at one of these events and have a valuable topic that you feel needs to be shared please reach out to us. Stay tuned for our next posting in December to register for our next event.

Vancouver Island Wood Network

November 1st, 6:00 - 8:30
WorkShop - 895 Wharf Street

For those on Vancouver Island there are some exciting things brewing and some great opportunities to connect with like minded folks in Victoria, included the next event at WorkShop. These events are informal, but with a professional focus for those who seek to expand their network and get to know others working in the area. The monthly events are intended to create a consistent point of connection for people to get together, and share their passions for wood and get support, find resources, and make new connections for the projects they are working on. For those who are entering the field, like students or recent hires, it's a place to learn and develop relationships that will support your career journey.

About WorkShop
Created by MGA, WorkShop is a not-for-profit shop/gallery/event space that celebrates the unique design of the Pacific West Coast. WorkShop will feature local (ish) creators and makers who are producing beautiful, meaningful products that support sustainability in the building and fabrication industries.

That Vancouver Island group is growing and working to connect those who live and work in that region. Like TWIG did in Vancouver, starting with a small group at a restaurant 10 years ago it has evolved to meet the needs of the community and fostered numerous connections, partnerships and new business developments. With your help and participation we hope to see the VIWN take on a character of its own and evolve into a thriving network that supports the new innovations, projects and inventions in wood. This groups builds upon the existing community that already exists, and some of the incredible events that have been created like the One Tree Exhibition created by Live Edge Design.

The main way to stay in touch is through a WhatsApp group where events will be posted so click the link below to join the group.

Join the WhatsApp group

UBC Workshops + Events

UBC CAWP Open House

November 23, 5:00 - 9:00

After a 4 year hiatus, The UBC Centre for Advanced Wood Processing (CAWP) will be hosting the 2023 Open House and Industry Night event on Thursday, November 23rd, 2023. This is an opportunity for interested individuals to learn more about the education, training, research, and industry assistance programs that take place at our facility. This event will feature presentations from the bioproducts, wood composites, timber engineering teams, Wood Products Processing students and industry alumni. In addition to the presentations, the CAWP will be conducting demonstrations of their state-of-the-art equipment including the Kuka Robot Cell, Hundegger Robot Drive, Homag 5-axis CNC, and SimSpray VR training simulator. Industry is encouraged to attend this event to network with our Wood Products Processing students.

We look forward to sharing our passion for wood science and wood processing with you.

Please RSVP by November 17, 2023


Online Industrial Wood Finishing Certificate Course

The UBC Certificate in Industrial Wood Finishing is designed to provide professional learners from the woodworking industry with a broad understanding of the field of wood finishing. The program involves a comprehensive review of the various dimensions of wood finishing, including wood properties, colour theory, the physical and chemical processes associated with the applications of stains and coatings, application methods; pre-treatments; coatings; application and curing equipment and automation; safety; environmental considerations; quality control and testing methods; and costs/economics. Throughout the course, workplace examples and case studies are referenced as much as possible, to provide real-world context to the discussions.

We understand that it can be difficult for technical staff and managers to take time away from a production environment to attend training. For this reason, the program is structured in two distinct parts;
  • Part 1: learn all of the theory online through our e-learning website. Requires approximately one hour per day for 12 weeks. Study at home or at work, whatever fits your schedule. Get ongoing phone and email support from an online tutor, and interact with other trainees via online discussions
  • Part 2: come to a 6-day practical session, normally in Vancouver or at an alternate facility (depending on where most participants are located). Includes hands-on practice, demonstrations from industry experts, plant tours
Program begins January 8th 2024. More details on schedule can be found in the link.


Mass Timber - Design for Manufacturing and Assembly Workshop (DFMA)

February 8, 2024 - February 10, 2024

Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA) is a design approach that focuses on ease manufacture and efficiency of assembly. In North America, due to the fragmented nature of construction whereby the designers, engineers, manufacturer, and contractors all work independently, the bridging of the knowledge gap will help improve the success rate of projects. DFMA will improve projects by reducing time, waste, cost and labour, while increasing quality and efficiency.

This 3-day hands-on workshop will be a lecture/design/build format. It will be led by UBC Centre for Advanced Wood Processing (CAWP) and UBC School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (SALA) faculty and staff. The expertise from industry leaders in design, engineering, fabrication, and installation will also be called upon to discuss lessons learned in mass timber construction. Participants will be guided through the process of designing mass-timber projects with the consideration of manufacturing technologies.

The use of digital technology in design and manufacturing are aiding the realization of mass-timber projects. The participants will be supported through a design-build exercise utilizing Computer Aided Design (CAD) software for design and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software for manufacturing of components. The project will culminate with the fabrication of components and the assembly of a mass-timber structure.

For more information, please contact Jason at 604 822-0082 or by email at

DFMA Workshop Description

Link to the workshop on the CAWP site


Kiln Drying Seminar - POSTPONED

April 2024 - Dates TBA

Essentials of Wood Drying

A 5 day comprehensive, hands-on introduction to drying technology taught from a practical, real-life perspective and backed with solid explanations into the scientific background of drying.
This highly-regarded workshop discusses the key processes and concepts involved in drying wood. Beginning with wood properties and moisture movement, students become familiar with kiln design considerations, drying schedules and kiln loading considerations. Other topics include drying with air, drying degrade, lumber storage and handling, control systems and power plants.

Visit the link to download the course PDF and to register for the workshop.


Job Postings

We can help you to promote open positions, contracts and other jobs that you are seeking to fill. Just reach out to us at with the details and we can add it to our monthly newsletter.

TWIG Futures

As mentioned above, TWIG has been accepted into a program offered by the British Columbia Organizational Design Network (BCODN), aimed at fostering the growth of BC community organizations. The Building Community Organization (BCO) is a mentorship program of the BCODN focused on the growth of BC-based non-profit organizations through the mentorship of emerging practitioners of Organization Development by seasoned practitioners.

For a couple of years now we have forecasted the need to shift our organization from one that's informal to one that has an official status and structure of a Non-Profit.
In our current structure, we are supported via Centre For Advanced Wood Processing and the Wood First Program from Forestry Innovation Investment. This move to an independent organization would allow us to pursue and invest in new activities based on the gaps and needs we have observed within our industry. It would also allow us to develop key partnerships, new programming and digital tools that can benefit the industry as a whole.

At this point we are seeking people who would like to join us and be a part of this process, and who are keen to learn about developing an organization. Your time and energy at this point will be essential and you will be a part of a key evolutionary stage in TWIG's development.

If any of this speaks to you and your are passionate about our mission we would love to hear from you. Please reach out and get in touch at and we can schedule a call to explore your interest and time commitments.

Got an idea?

Do you have a concept, product, or prototype that you want to realize? TWIG can work with you to make this happen with financial support through The Wood First Program. Carried out through the Center for Advanced Wood Processing (CAWP) and its team of technical staff, we are able to provide an array of support on various wood-based projects. We already have some projects underway from this past year that will be ready to present in 2022.
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